Extremism taking dangerous form, politics of appeasement of some parties is increasing frenzy in Muslim society

Politics is also being done on Nupur Sharma episode because politics regarding Hindus and Muslims in our country has been going on since long. The opposition leaders who are engaged in teaching the lesson of freedom of expression are demanding the arrest of Nupur.

[Sanjay Gupta]. During a debate on a TV channel, BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma said that the frenzy and extremism that is being seen in the country about the Prophet Muhammad is not only worrying, but also ridiculing law and order. One too. Although Nupur Sharma has apologized for her remarks and the BJP has suspended her, but those who are making announcements of placing a bounty on her head don’t seem to care. What is more alarming is that two people have been murdered for supporting Nupur Sharma. Umesh Kolhe of Amravati and Kanhaiyalal of Udaipur were brutally killed just because they supported Nupur. Kanhaiyalal’s killers even made a video of his brutal murder. The way he threatened the Prime Minister by making another video, it only shows his audacity.

Although the killers of Umesh and Kanhaiyalal have been arrested, the extremist and jihadi elements are not deterring. They are engaged in threatening to kill those who support Nupur Sharma. Isn’t it strange that while Muslim leaders and Maulana-Maulvi are engaged in describing Islam as a religion of peace, then some people in their midst are engaged in raising slogans of ‘Head Tan Se Juda’? The Muslim community has to consider that what message are being given to the country and the world about Islam by the people who are raising slogans of separation from their heads.

Politics is also being done on the Nupur Sharma episode, because politics has been going on for Hindus and Muslims in our country since long. The opposition leaders who are engaged in teaching the lesson of freedom of expression are demanding the arrest of Nupur. In the midst of this politics, when Nupur went to the Supreme Court demanding that all the FIRs registered against her be transferred to Delhi, because there is a threat to her life, she not only got a reprimand, but also told her responsible for Kanhaiyalal’s murder. Gone. If Nupur Sharma is responsible for Kanhaiyalal’s murder in the eyes of the Supreme Court, why is Taslim Rahmani, who provoked him by taking a dig at Shivling in TV debate, not responsible?

Undoubtedly, the unexpected observations of the Supreme Court did not send the right message to the country. This was the reason that about a hundred dignitaries, including 15 former judges, termed the observations of the Supreme Court as a violation of the Lakshman Rekha. Retired Delhi High Court judge SN Dhingra even called these comments illegal. Don’t know what will be the stand of the Supreme Court on such reactions, but it is difficult to understand why Nupur did not get the relief that other people usually get in such cases?

It is true that he should have avoided the comment Nupur Sharma made, but it should not be overlooked that his comment was in response to a sarcasm that was allegedly made about the Shivling found in the Gyanvapi complex. Not only was this Shivling being called a fountain, but it was also being compared to round stones and nuclear plants on the roadside. Wasn’t such unwarranted talk hurting Nupur as well as the rest of the Hindu society?

It is true that the decision of the courts is yet to come on the Gyanvapi case, but is it hidden from anyone that the mosque was built after demolishing the temple in Kashi. This is such a fact, which is also recorded in the books written on the reign of Aurangzeb. If any Indian of any faith or religion turns the pages of history, he will find that how Muslim rulers forcibly converted Hindus to Muslims and destroyed all their temples. Among them is the Krishna Janmabhoomi temple of Mathura. It will also be found in history that the British increased the gap between Hindus and Muslims. This gap has grown so much that today Muslims do not even want to remember that once their ancestors were Hindus.

In fact, this thinking and the gap created by the British led to the partition of India. Millions of people died during this. Even after partition, the process of Hindu-Muslim riots continued in the country. There is no doubt that Pakistan hates not only India, but also Hindus. The proof of this is that the Hindus of Pakistan have become second class citizens. It is the anti-Hindu mentality of Pakistan, due to which it keeps interfering in Kashmir and instigating the Muslims of India. The irony is that some political parties are not ready to accept this truth. The reason for this is their politics of appeasement of minorities and especially Muslim society. This politics is also working to increase extremism in Muslim society.

The so-called secular campaign that is being waged by some political parties that Muslims are being persecuted and suppressed in India is also increasing fanaticism in the Muslim society. This imaginary thing is hammering into his mind that he is really being persecuted. Kanhaiyalal’s assassination has been done in the same way as Islamic State terrorists have been doing.

The political parties which are engaged in appeasement of Muslim society, they want Hindu society to forget that it was subjected to terrible atrocities during the reign of Mughals. This is not possible The truth is that the Dharmasthala Act of 1991 only increased the pain of the Hindu society, because through it, in a way, it was given the same message that it should forget the atrocities committed on itself. Worse yet, these atrocities were tried to be proved false. This effort continues even today. Due to this, resentment is increasing in the Hindu society. This resentment can also take the form of extremism and if it happens then its consequences will not be good. It would be appropriate that efforts should be made to stop all kinds of extremism and everyone should participate in it.

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