Goraksha city is becoming a shooting spot, film producers started coming to Gorakhpur from Mayanagari to make films.

The face of Gorakhpur has changed since Yogi Adityanath became the Chief Minister. There are more than a dozen such spots in Gorakhpur where films can be shot. Right now the Ramgarhtal area is the best for shooting films.

Gorakhpur, Dr. Rakesh Rai. The Goraksha city, which is developing as a tourist hub, has not only attracted tourists. The enhanced beauty of some of the major sites here has also caught the attention of the film industry. The identity of many places is becoming established as shooting spots, where the process of shooting films one after the other is being seen continuously. Like the makers of the Bhojpuri film, the search for such a spot is over. Now they don’t have to run. The option of more than half a dozen spots has been opened for every scene, not one or two. Encouraged by this, GDA has even planned to invite and encourage film artists through shooting locations.

The picture of Gorakhpur has changed

When Gorakshpeethadhishwar Yogi Adityanath took over the command of the state, Gorakhpur, a victim of neglect for a long time, kept getting this stigma. The Ganges of development started flowing everywhere. Dozens of projects related to tourism, which were gathering dust in the offices of the government, came to the fore. Dozens of new schemes were proposed and they started landing one by one. Ramgarh Tal became like the Marine Drive of Mumbai, then the new dawn, zoo, water sports complex, Yogiraj Baba Gambhirnath Auditorium started adding to the beauty of the city.

Over a dozen picnic spots

Kusmhi forest, Gorakhnath temple, Gita Press, Gita Vatika, Buddhist museum, all the parks of GDA, Ghats of Rapti river were also decorated. Due to this, when Gorakhpur started attracting the attention of the film people, it is not known. Why should he go away when he started getting a place in the house itself. The shooting process started here. Ever since MP Ravi Kishan started branding Gorakhpur as a shooting spot, Mumbai teams have also started looking for possibilities to shoot here. People from all over the country have started coming here for shooting web series, albums, short films. Apna Gorakhpur has become the hub of shooting Bhojpuri films. If we look at the film activities in Gorakhpur in the last five years, more than a dozen film personalities have been knocked here in one form or the other and about the same number of films have also been shot here.

GDA preparing shooting location

Seeing the trend of the film industry towards Gorakhpur, GDA has formed a film promotion cell. The five-member cell has been given the responsibility to select those locations in the district which can be developed as shooting locations. After identification, it is the GDA’s plan to prepare those sites for shooting. GDA is also taking the help of MP Ravi Kishan in this work.

places that appeal to moviegoers

Ramgarh Tal and its banks, Naya Savera, Digvijaynath Park, Nakshatrashala, Buddhist Museum, Zoo, Sahara Estate, Gorakhnath Temple, Gita Press, Gita Vatika, Kusamhi Jungle, Vindhyavasini Park, Premchand Park, Laldiggi Park, Ghats of Rapti River.

Preparations underway to make Bhojpuri film industry

Encouraged by the growing trend of the film industry towards Gorakhpur, MP Ravi Kishan has raised the demand for a Bhojpuri film industry to be created here. The government has also taken cognizance of their demand. The intention of the MP behind this is to allow local artists to shoot at their homes. They have to stop wandering in big cities for shooting. In this work, he has also got the support of artists like Bhojpuri film star Nirhua, Khesari Lal Yadav. Ravi Kishan believes that with the formation of Bhojpuri film industry in Gorakhpur, the artists of eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar who take the road to Mumbai to fulfill their dreams, will not have to do so.

Gorakhpur’s ‘Suspended’ has won international award

The film ‘Suspended’, which was released in Gorakhpur’s AD Cinema on Friday, is a confirmation of the atmosphere of film production in Gorakhpur. This film is entirely produced in Gorakhpur. Artists are also from here. The producer, director and screenwriter of the film is also Gorakhpuria filmmaker Pradeep Suvigya. Even the dubbing of the film, background music and recording of songs have been done in the local studio itself.

Full of satire, the film has won more than 10 national and international awards even before its release. These include the Best Film Award in the Independent Feature Film category at the European Film Festival, the Rome International Movie Award, the Istanbul Film Award, the Word Film Carnival Award. The film has been nominated for the Paris Film Festival and the Hungarian Paradise Film Festival.

Chauri Chaura was in discussion: a retribution

The film Chauri Chaura: Ek Retaliation, which told and showed the reality of the incident of Chauri Chaura, which changed the course of the freedom struggle, was in the news a lot last year. The shooting of this film was completely done in Gorakhpur. Producer Gaurav Khare and Directed by Abhik Bhanu not only belong to Gorakhpur, but the artist also stays here. MP Ravi Kishan also acted in this film to promote film production in Gorakhpur.

These films were shot in Gorakhpur in the last two years

Chauri Chaura: Ek Retaliation, Suspended, Bhaiya Ji Great, Hamar Dharmapatni, Dilwar, Bhagyawan, Ayushmann, Saiyan Hamar Artist, Gorakhpuria Rangbaaz, Naach Na Aawe Aangan Tedha, Bhojpuriya Mein Dum Ba and web series ‘Crime File’.

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