Nupur Sharma Remarks: Qatar angry with BJP spokesperson’s remarks on Prophet,

Qatar has expressed strong displeasure over Nupur Sharma’s alleged controversial remarks on Prophet Mohammad. Qatar also summoned the Indian Ambassador on this issue. Qatar’s displeasure has gone away after the Indian Ambassador shared information about the action taken against Nupur Sharma.

Jagran Bureau, New Delhi. On the issue of indecent remarks by BJP spokespersons against Prophet Muhammad, India has assured the Qatari government that these comments are not the views of the Indian government in any way. India has also assured Qatar that strict action is being taken against those making comments or tweeting on the social site. The Government of Qatar expressed its displeasure in this regard by summoning the Indian Ambassador to Doha.

Although Qatar’s Foreign Ministry has welcomed the suspension of spokespersons on behalf of the BJP but has also demanded a public apology and condemnation from the Indian government. The Indian Embassy in Doha has said that Qatar Foreign Ministry officials raised the issue of tweets made by some people against the respect of religious persons. The ambassador told them that this is not in any way the spirit of the Indian government.

This is what the fringe elements (marginalized people) have said. India gives the highest regard to all religions based on its cultural heritage of unity in diversity. Strictest action is being taken against those making such comments. The concerned organization has also issued a statement condemning the move to respect all religions and hurt the honor of any person of any religion.

He also told Qatar that some selfish elements are harming India-Qatar relations by making such comments as the basis. We should work together against these elements. On the other hand, Qatar’s Foreign Ministry also issued a statement giving information about this meeting and said that Foreign Minister Sultan bin Saad Almuraikhi has handed over the note on behalf of Qatar to the Indian Ambassador.

The Qatar government completely rejects such a statement from the leader of the ruling party in India. Such remarks will increase religious hatred all over the world and undermine the contribution Islam has made to the development of civilization all over the world including in India.

The Government of Qatar welcomes the action taken by the ruling party of India against those who made the above remarks and hopes that the Government of India will publicly apologize and condemn these comments. Due to strong opposition from Qatar, India had to show seriousness because Vice President Venkaiah Naidu has reached there on a three-day state visit a day earlier.

On Sunday morning, he met Qatar’s tallest leader, Amir H.H. Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, in which many aspects of bilateral relations have been discussed. It should be remembered that Qatar is of special importance to India engaged in deepening its relations with the Gulf countries.

There are 7.8 lakh Indians living there now. Whereas, a large part of India’s total gas needs, and that too at a very economical rate is cut off. Every year India buys 8.5 million tonnes of gas from Qatar and the price it is paying for it is almost half of the global market. India has been continuously urging Qatar to provide more gas to meet its gas requirement. Qatari companies have also invested $450 million in India.

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