Thor Box Office Collection: ‘Khuda Hafiz 2’ flew in the storm of this Hollywood film, Thor earned so many crores in 4 days

Thor Love And Thunder Box Office Collection Day 4 Hollywood film ‘Thor Love and Thunder’ has earned a lot in India. Apart from this, Vidyut Jammwal’s Khuda Hafiz 2 also looked pale. With this, Thor has made it to the top list of Hollywood movies.

New Delhi, Jnn. Thor Love And Thunder Box Office Collection Day 4: Hollywood film ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ broke all records in terms of earnings. This film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has earned a tremendous amount over the weekend. With this, ‘Thor’ has made its place at number five in the list of Hollywood films released in the country. It has dropped ‘The Lion King’ from the top 5 list. In front of its Hindi earnings, Vidyut Jamwal’s Khuda Hafiz 2 also failed.

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ earns huge
The film ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, released a day before the US in India, surprised everyone by making a grand opening of 18.60 crores on the very first day. But only after this the business of this film went down 36% on Friday, but on Saturday it again showed an increase and earned 16.70 crores. After this, on Sunday, the film earned around 18.40 crores in all languages. If we add the first 4 days of this film, then the film has touched the figure of 60.80 crores. Which is more than any Indian film released this week.

‘Thor’ leaves Khuda Hafiz 2 behind
Thor has become the fifth highest-grossing first weekend film among all Hollywood films released in the country. It has dropped ‘Lion King’ from the list of top 5, which did a business of 54.75 crores on the first weekend in the year 2019. It will be interesting to see how tough Thor’s fight is going to be.

‘Khuda Hafiz 2’ failed
Bollywood films were seen filling water in front of this Hollywood film. Vidyut Jammwal’s ‘Khuda Hafiz 2’, which released last Friday, turned out to be a box office flop and has barely earned Rs 5 crore in three days. Looking at the earnings, it would not be wrong to say that people have rejected this action film outright.

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