UAE based Lulu Group started a big supermarket in this city of UP, know the Indian connection of the company owner

UAE-based Lulu Group has launched the largest supermarket in Uttar Pradesh’s capital Lucknow. The owner of the company, MA Yusuf Ali, has an old relationship with India, so let us know what kind of Indian connection the owner of the company has.

New Delhi, Business Desk. Lucknow is the fourth city after Kochi, Bangalore and Thiruvananthapuram where Lulu Group has set up its supermarket. LuLu Group India operates in sectors such as hypermarkets, shopping malls, food processing units, e-commerce and fun stations. The group is known for its extensive business across the globe.

Billionaire Yusuf Ali-led Lulu Group is now foraying into North North India with the largest supermarket in Uttar Pradesh. For the past several years, the group has been maintaining a prominent presence in the southern parts of the country.

यह ग्रुप सुपरमार्केट से लेकर फूड प्रोसेसिंग तक रियल स्टेट से लेकर वित्तीय सेवाओं तक फैला हुआ है। यह अबू धाबी स्थित समूह अभी तक भारत के कोच्चि, बेंगलुरु और तिरुवनंतपुरम शहरों में अपना सुपरमार्केट चलाता था। आज सोमवार से लखनऊ में भी इस ग्रुप का सुपरमार्केट रनिंग मोड में आ गया है।

आपको बता दें कि 66 वर्षीय एमए यूसुफ अली एक बड़े बिजनेसमैन हैं। वह पिछले कुछ सालों से तेजी के साथ अपनी व्यावसायिक गतिविधियों का विस्तार कर रहे हैं। भाजपा शासित उत्तर प्रदेश में देश के अन्य राज्यों की तुलना में सबसे ज्यादा जनसंख्या है, इसलिए युसूफ अली ने अपने बिजनेस का विस्तार करने के लिए लखनऊ में इस नए सुपरमार्केट में इतना बड़ा निवेश किया है।

The Lulu Group has established a strong foothold in a few more cities in South India like Kerala, where it is primarily known for its huge supermarkets. Interested in several business sectors including real estate, the group has a significant presence in several Gulf countries as well as in other countries including the US, UK, Italy and China.

Born in Thrissur district of Kerala, Yusuf Ali went to Gujarat to study business management after completing his schooling in Kerala. Yusuf Ali is not only known for his commercial success but also for his philanthropic ways.

He left India in 1973 to join the Abu Dhabi EMKE Group of Companies. He founded Lulu Hypermarket in 2000, which now has operations in 22 countries in the Middle East, Asia, the Americas and Europe. It has a total of 235 retail stores. It is extremely popular among customers in Egypt, India, Indonesia and Malaysia.

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