Russia Ukraine War: After weeks of peace, Ukrainian citizens stunned by Russian attacks,

Russia Ukraine War The US, with the announcement of $ 700 million in new military aid to Ukraine, has said that it will provide helicopter drone rocket systems, radar Javelin anti-tank missiles, and other weapons.

Kyiv, ap. Kyiv, which had been quiet for weeks, was shaken by loud missile strikes on Sunday morning. Russian missiles targeted foreign tanks and other military material in this attack. Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that if Ukraine is provided with long-range rocket systems, Russian forces will target targets that have so far been abandoned. Putin did not say which places the Russian military had avoided targeting.

With the announcement of $ 700 million in new military aid to Ukraine, the US has said that it will provide helicopters, drones, rocket systems, radars, Javelin anti-tank missiles, and other weapons. Russia is most threatened by guided rocket systems with a range of up to 80 km and missile strike drones from a distance. Guided missiles with a range of 300 km can also be released from these rocket launchers fitted in the truck, although these long-range rockets will not be given to Ukraine yet. But from the experiences so far, Russia does not trust America. That is why President Putin, without taking the name of America, has warned against the supply of long-range weapons. In an interview on Saturday, Putin called Western weapons a gram-pea and said that they can be easily destroyed.

Russian missile fell near Pevdnoukrensk nuclear plant near Kyiv

A few days ago, the US Defense Ministry said that it would take about three weeks to train Ukrainian soldiers to use the new American weapons. After this those weapons will be deployed in the war zone. Russia wants to annex the Luhansk and Donetsk provinces already under the Donbas. That is why the Russian army has intensified attacks in both provinces as well as to prevent western weapons from reaching there. Missile attacks were carried out on the capital Kyiv on Sunday morning on railway installations and other important places for the same purpose. A missile fell near the Pevdnoukrensk nuclear plant near Kyiv. Had this missile fallen on the nuclear plant, then huge devastation was certain. The Russian Defense Ministry said the attack targeted T-72 tanks sent to Ukraine from countries in Eastern Europe. According to Ukraine’s Defense Ministry, these missiles were fired from a Tu-95 bomber that flew over the Caspian Sea. One of these missiles was shot down by the Ukrainian Air Defense System in the sky.

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