Somewhere the girl fell from the 5th floor and somewhere on the 12th floor: Had the ‘angel’ not stood down, she could have lost her life, China-Vietnam video viral

Whenever something happens to us suddenly, the brain stops working. But sometimes someone’s life can be saved due to his intelligence. A video is going viral on social media, in which a man present in the parking lot saved the girl’s life by showing understanding. While sharing this video, people are calling that man a hero.

Showing understanding, caught the girl falling from a multi-storey building

The video of Tongjiang city in China is going viral. In the video, a 2-year-old girl is seen hanging from the fifth floor of a high-rise building. Suddenly a man in the parking lot catches the eye of the girl.

That person reaches under the building without delay and catches the girl as soon as she falls. Along with that man, a woman also comes running after him to help him.

The girl had fallen from the 9th floor, got stuck on the roof of the 5th

According to a report in Mirror, the man was identified as Shen Dong. When Dong suddenly heard a loud noise while parking the car, he looked back and found that a girl was hanging from the ceiling of the 5th floor after falling from the 9th floor.

Dong, showing his understanding, ran fast and caught the girl at the last moment. Along with the dong, a woman also ran to save the girl. All the people present there were stunned to see this scene.

Delivery boy showed wisdom, saved the life of the girl

A similar shocking incident was reported in Hanoi, Vietnam. In Hanoi, a delivery boy saved the life of a girl who fell from the 12th floor. Nguyen Nagas Manh, 31, sat in the car waiting to make a delivery at 5 a.m. Then he heard the cry of a child. He saw a woman screaming and looking out the window with her neck out. They first thought that maybe the girl was doing some bullying but then they saw that the girl was falling down. He saw that the girl was hanging on the balcony.

Manh then got out of his car and walked closer to the building. He climbed on the roof of the generator there and when the girl started falling, he jumped to save her and finally caught the girl.

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